Rustic DIY Wedding Banner

When I planned my wedding back in 2009, I found the whole process to be a little overwhelming. I am not a super organized person and I have trouble making decisions. But I feel like the wedding planning process has gotten better over the last several years. Yes, there is still tons of pressure centered around a wedding--maybe even moreso now with social media projecting everything you do. But it is also easier to find what you need with Etsy, Pinterest, and blogs. In fact, for most things there are DIY options or ready made options.

Can we think back to 2009 for a minute? Facebook existed and a few of my wedding photos made it onto there in realtime but nothing like it would be today. Etsy was also around, but the selection has since exploded. I think the biggest difference when planning a wedding for brides today vs then is that Pinterest wasn't around in 2009. Crazy right? To catalog my wedding ideas I would lose things in either a sea of bookmarks or emails I sent to myself. Wow, I sound really old. All I can say is yay Pinterest!

I think another huge plus is the leaps and bounds smart phones have made since then. They were around, but I wasn't on the band wagon back then. Now, anyone can snap a great picture or take an awesome quality video at your wedding. Phones are so capable nowadays that I feel like it is a little insurance policy in case the worst happens and a photographer flakes out. (On a side note, my husband actually played a bride and groom's first dance song on his iphone by connecting it to the DJ equipment when they realized they didn't have a copy on hand!)

So, I'm happy to say that hopefully, things have gotten easier for brides today, because anyone who has ever done it knows, wedding planning is hard enough. So, let me offer something up that I hope you find easy and affordable while adding a special touch to your wedding. I've created a DIY rustic wedding banner that you can customize, print and assemble all for $7.99. This is the type of thing I wished was around when I was planning. (Maybe it was and I just couldn't find it.)

The great thing is, you can write as many phrases as you need into the text box and it will generate one long PDF for you. So you want a banner for the "gifts" table and one for the "drinks" station? Cool, no need to buy two, just head over to my shop and type "gifts drinks" into the text box and it will make it for you. You can even preview it to make sure it is exactly what you want. I hope this is one of those things that makes the whole wedding process a little easier. Thanks for stopping by!